Upgraded Chinese Calligraphy Kit
An upgraded Chinese calligraphy kit, which contains everything you need to practice writing Chinese characters and creating your own artworks. This premium Chinese calligraphy set was designed for us by a professional Chinese calligraphy artist to include everything you need to begin learning, practicing and writing calligraphy.

Included in the Premium Chinese Calligraphy Kit:

1) Large Chinese Calligraphy Set

2) Chinese Artist Brushes - Set of Ten

3) Premium Set of Five Large Chinese Art Brushes

4) Fifteen Colors of Chinese Ink Sticks

5) Four Medium Size Black Ink Sticks

6) Practice Book, Chinese Symbols - Everlasting Paper (Write with Water)

7) Ancient Style Chinese Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25"x10.25"

8) White Chinese Rice Paper - Fifty 8"x10" Sheets


Carved Chinese Seal Stone Options

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Carve Style:

Name or Word :

Item Size/Details

Size: Calligraphy Set Measures 11x7.5 inches
Carved Seal: Optional
Brush Hair: Three wolf and three sheep hair.
Item Number: 301b
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