Eight Immortals Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set
A set of eight Chinese calligraphy brushes designed to make it easy to write calligraphy characters in many different sizes. The handles of these Chinese calligraphy brushes feature the eight Chinese Immortals, with the names written in red characters.

A set of eight Chinese calligraphy brushes featuring the immortal fairies from Chinese myth, packaged in a beautiful brocaded gift box. The calligraphy written in black is a Chinese saying, which means the Eight Immortals cross the ocean, showing their special powers. It is a very popular saying in China meant to describe someone showing their special talents.

Item Size/Details

Largest Brush Length: 11 Inches
Largest Brush Tip: 2 1/2x9/16 Inches
Brush Hair: Wolf
Item Number: 3468

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