Super Chinese Calligraphy Set

We call this our super Chinese calligraphy set for good reason, as it contains all premium quality items. In China this is known as the "super Chinese calligraphy set" and its price is so much higher than a common set you would not even believe me if I told you. This is not a joke, it is a premium quality set and cannot be compared to any common Chinese calligraphy set, even those sold here on this site.

If you want the finest Chinese calligraphy set available online, this is it. This is a professional set containing carefully selected, premium quality items. Everything included in this calligraphy set is of very high quality, from the brushes to the red seal ink. Whether you want to write calligraphy or give this item as a gift, this calligraphy set is sure to please.

Chinese Calligraphy Set Specifications:

  • Calligraphy set box measures 14.5x10.5 inches
  • Ink well in wooden case 5.5x7 inches
  • Ink stick measures 4.35x1.25x.25 inches
  • Seal ink in porcelain container - Box 3x3 inches
  • Chinese seal stone - 3x.75x.75


Carved Chinese Seal Stone Options

Available Options:

Carve Style:

Name or Word :

Item Size/Details

Size: See List in Description
Carved Seal: Optional - See Options Above
Brush Hair: One wolf and one sheep hair.
Item Number: 5217
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